I won Lotto after helping a man on mourning

Last month,It was November when one of my neighbor hospitalized for more than a month for kidney disease and she died of pneumonia in the hospital. She left four young children, 7 years old, six years old, four years old and eight months baby to her husband. She widowed a very young husband. The husband is just only a jeepney driver maybe earning minimum or sometimes earning lower than minimum wage to provide a family. The husband become penniless after the burial and he is in huge debt due to long hospitalization expenses of her wife. He has 3 months unpaid room rental worth ten thousand pesos. The small room where the whole family lives. I can't take the reaction of the landlady wanting him to pay immediately because that 10 thousand pesos is a huge amount as her earning from her room rentals. I can't imagine a just newly widowed man with young children can't take a rest emotionally and physically at least a day but he needs to produced money for the house rental. He was mourning and at the same time problematic due to financial issues with her landlady. I am not closed to these people but My conscience obliged me to give some help. If i were in his place maybe i wish to die and i been through many sufferings before but I survived everything because God never abandoned me. There were times there are people ridiculed me and almost squeezed me off to the ground but with God's Help i am able to survived because He was always with me helped me and never leave me and my kids. That's the reason why my heart touched and was determined to help this man as my expression of gratitude to God. I have only 20 thousand pesos in my bank saving account intended for my children's school fees and emergency expenses and for bills because my small business is also down and i don't have anybody who will help me if I'll disposed this money. Actually that is not even enough until Christmas (month of December) but I was totally willing to help without thinking already of myself and my children for upcoming Christmas. My house also needs repair because it is now leaking everytime it rains. But no regrets and hesitations and i gave ten thousand pesos anonymously for his room rental to lessens this man's burden. I gave the money through one of my trusted neighbor.
After two weeks giving a small help to this man, I won for the first time Philippine Lotto worth of exactly P20,000.00 (twenty thousand pesos)(five digits of 6/42 game). GOD is really so good. He doubled the amount i gave to other person who was in need. I testify, to you friends out there..God is just there looking at us. If we give something help to others, He will give back which is more and bigger.