I must be careful now..

You might noticed i changed my template. Yes this is my new templates because this morning when i attempt to open my Dashboard i can't open my blogs. My kids tried to fixed the problem and found out that there is malware. They said i got the malware from other site. I don't really expect that i can encounter this kind of problem. My kids advised me to be careful in bloghopping. I hope it will not be done again.
My friends in blogosphere.... be careful also in bloghopping. I am so scared and worried when my blog's page elements disappeared. Maybe this started since last night because my google adsense got zero click since last night. I thought my blogs can't fixed anymore. I am thankful to my kids because they able to fixed it.


crissy said...

Thanks to your kids.. they know how to kill the bugs and save your precious blog.. Thanks for the warning.. ;)

Lulu said...

happy to know you fixed your kids fixed it already. thanks for your visit nay!

edelweiza said...

uh-oh. kaya pala nanibago ako. kumusta naman po mga posts nyo? nasave naman? hala. ingat nga dapat.

P.S. patulong naman po, pls. comemnt on this post


i joined fit n right blogger contest and got included in the top 10. i need to generate as much comments as i can to win. thanks po!!!!

Borneo Falcon said...

Thank God it's been restored. Your children is good with computer. I probably don't know what to do also if same thing happened to me

the donG said...

ako din ingat na ingat pag mga ganyan. baka kasi masira.