I can't view my blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gushhh!! what's happenning to my blog or to my computer... I can loggin to my Dashboard but it can't reach to view my blog. If i click the "view blog" My blog appear for only two seconds then turned the screen into all white. On "New Post" and "Edit Post" there is no problem. My problem is view blog. Three of my blogs have the same problem. I can view all other websites except my own blogs. Huh! huh! huh! please help me ... Tell me what to do if you had ever encounter this kind of problem . I am alone in my home. I do hope it is not a kind of hacking my account. Yesterday again I can't turned off my computer it says i have to close first my windows. I have to wait for my son to fixed it. He said something about disabled. I can't understand about computer problem at all.
It is good that i can still make a new post but i am not sure if it can be published. I'll try to publish this post if possible. I wish it can be published because i have still two more task to do .
By the way. ..Good Morning everyone! I hope you have a good morning not like me. I am in a hurry to start to blog but this computer problem frustrates me really.


Analuz said...

I noticed it yesterday. I wanted to post a comment in one of your article but your post suddenly disappeared. I tried it three times and still same problem occured. I am not an expert in this field,I do hope that it will be fixed soon.