Suzuki Sadatsugu: Survivor Philippines Palau

Survivor Philippines Palau! can't wait for this week episode who will be the next to be voted out. Suzuki was voted out last Friday. The only two castaways now left Justine and Charles from Koror tribe. Others gone too early like Echo because of wrong strategy. She wasted their strong tribe.


Suzuki is 21 years old . A Japanese -Pinoy hunk model. He lived in Japan for 18 years. A model and student taking up BS Criminology at Emilio Aguinaldo College, Manila. So sad... he failed to be the sole survivor.


Anonymous said...

sobra ako nalungkot nung natanggal si suzuki. if he survived hanggang 2 na lang, im sure siya pipiliin ng mga kasama niang manalo. Naging mabait ng sobra kaya natanggal. sayang. =(