Sunset in Manila Bay

We've been through for our shopping in Mall of Asia and i am in a hurry to go home but my son requested me to stay at Manila Bay until the sun goes down. He wants to capture the sunset. I really didn't expect how beautiful sunset it was. It was like diamonds. Were so lucky for that day because it was sunny day. The sky was clear with a little clouds around but it was not a problem and we like it that way because there were shots that the clouds shaded a part of the sun. I was hoping that the ship able to passed by before the sunset but my son appreciated its presence and it is is more interesting for him to take photos.


An said...

What a beautiful view. I haVE never seen a sunset like this before.

eden said...

very nice.. love the pictures..

budiawanhutasoit said...

it's very beautiful...nice shoot..
wish one day i could visit Manila Bay :-)