Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate ONDOY Flood Victims

Mahaliah requested me to post this Bayanihan Fund Drive As promised I have posted the badge and link where you can help for Typhoon Ondong Victims. Here’s BarrioSiete Official Form for it:

Thousands have lost their homes, many children are now hungry and stranded on their rooftops. Rescue workers are overloaded with the burden of saving thousands waiting to be saved. Please help by putting a badge or making a small donation.If you would be so kind as to help please click this link and you land on the official donation page.

To post a badge for your blog copy paste this code:

Barrio Bayanihan


Mahalia said...

salamat NanayBelen! ingat po kayo lagi, God bless.

Unknown said...

sana dami pang makikitang buhay na nawawala. salamat sa post na ito.