Boiled chicken with gravy

This time i will post again another chicken recipe. My son seldom eat fish and he likes chicken even everyday. So i am trying to learn all those chicken recipes from books , news papers or magazines. I think this is very common and simple but i only learn this recently:
Prepare this inredient: One whole chicken, one onion, finely chopped ,ground pepper, MSg vetsin and salt
First thing to do is cut the chicken into big serving and place in the pan together with the onion, msg, peeper and salt. Add enough water to cover the chicken and boil until tender. When chicken cooked and tender, removed the chicken from broth and put your favorite vegetables in the broth like cabbage, potatoes and carrots or string beans. The potatoes should only cut into half only and carrots into thick strips and string beans cut into to 2 inches long. Add the cabbage and cook slightly then arrage the vegetables in a dish with the chicken, Top the gravy.

For the gravy , just melt at least 2 table spoon of butter in a pan in low fire, Add and stir the 2-3 table spoon of flour untill blended then add the broth at least 1-2 cups . Stir contineously and season with vetsin, pepper and salt. Thats gravy and top to the chicken when everybody is ready to eat.


nancy said...

my daughter kate would love this. she's so much into gravy. she likes it a lot.

daywalker said...

Hmmm it does sound yummyyyy