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Yes friends. since it is a time of unexpected recession, large and small businesses are slowing down. There are people who's having home loan mortgage are affected due to the downfall of global economy. They may became jobless and shortened their working hours. Unfortunately, those having home loan mortgage is directly affected, it is hard for them to pay or cannot afford to pay their due mortgage loan payments anymore. Most of them become a delinquent mortgagor until they gradually lose their home. They may doesn't know about home loan modification yet. Yes friends, there is a trusted company like Home loan Modification that can helps you to stop foreclosure proceeding when you have failed to pay the due mortgage payments. You can count on this Home Loan Modification company because it is their expertise of how to workout any foreclosure problem. If i were you , better search homeloanmodification.dyndns.org , they will make remedies to prevent foreclosure of your home loan mortgage if you are willing to cooperate with them. Time flies so fast! and don't just let your home just fly away from you. Visit home loan modification now!


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If you are in need of a Home Loan Modification as mentioned above, please go to the company site to which Survivor Mom refers, http://homeloanmodification.dyndns.org .

They will put you in touch with someone who CAN make a difference in your life.

While others may try and comment here to promote their business, there is only ONE TRUE HomeLoanModification.dyndns.org so DO NOT BE FOOLED by imitators.

Thank you,
HomeLoanModification Management

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Sasha said...

This is quite helpful and I will see that I can implement that. I really hope that this will save my home.

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I know a family that cut their monthly mortgage payments by fifty percent with a Home Loan Modification. Is that wild or what? My mortgage company will not budge, but I think that I'll try the company that you reviewed, http://HomeLoanModification.dyndns.org/ and I believe that they can help me. I do not want to lose may home to foreclosure. Thanks for the great information, I will use it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to use the services of a Home Loan Modification. I understand that it is supposed to reduce monthly mortgage payments up to fifty percent.

Fortunately I do not need the loan modification to stop foreclosure, at least not yet and if I can get a loan workout, I won't have to worry about foreclosure in the future either.

Thank you for your help and useful information, this is a great home loan modification site.

Bad Credit Home Loan said...

Thanks for sharing this information.

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Do you realize that this is THE MOST HONEST page that I've read about home loan modification.

Also I know a lot of people that are really searching for this Loan Mod information.

Not only will you help may people stop foreclosure of their homes but I hope that you will educate millions of readers that need this type of information.

Good luck, very nice information, you are doing great work and I promise that I will tell my friends.

Teddy said...

The people on this forum seem very knowledgeable about Loan Modifications.

So, does anyone know how much income I have to make compared to my monthly mortgage payments in order to qualify for a home loan modification.

For example, if my mortgage is currently costing me 59% of my after tax income, is that too high of an amount? If so, what percentage of my other expenses verses my income, must I have to cut back on or cut out all together in order qualify for a good loan mod? What is the preferred debt to income ratio?

Any and all responses to my question are appreciated.


Loan Modification Stop Foreclosure said...

Hi everyone, I hope all is well.

Any questions that you have regarding saving your home and to Stop Foreclosure can be answered right here on the Survivor Mom: Home Loan Modification Page.

Ask anything and even if we don't know the answer, we'll find it for you.

From: http://HomeLoanModification.dyndns.org

stop foreclosure said...

Thanks for sharing the information i needed it friend...So when's yours next post... waiting for it..keep updating.

Loan Modification Stop Foreclosure said...

This answer is for Teddy above -

If your income is at 51% and you are with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, because I believe that their Home Loan Modification guidelines are madated that your income be about 38% and then they can bring you down to 31%. Remember that the Home Loan Modification program is to assist "Resposible Homeowners" stay in their homes.

A lot of time income to mortgage payment can be a hard ratio to figure out. There are probably expenses that you can get rid of so that you will qualify for the loan modification.

If you really want to reduce your monthly mortgage payments, I would suggest that you visit the loan modification company that survivor mom used. They will refer you to a Home Loan Modification Attorney and the attorney can help you to figure out which expenses you can cut out and also any added income that counts that you are not unaware of. This way you are increasing your likelihood that you correctly submit your loan mod application.

To sum it up, the home loan modification rules can be tricky and if you really want your loan modification application approved, use them to find the right attorney for you.

Home Loan Modification attorneys give a free consultation, so there is no money out of your pocket to learn whether you have a good chance of having your Loan Modification application approved.

Tulip said...

nice post. it's good there is this website for helping homeowners who are delinquent with their home mortgage.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to know if you already recieved a loan modification can you apply for a government modication. My modification is not 31% of my income and i am currently behind again.

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Thanks for sharing the information. This is a great home loan modification site. I will tell my friends about this.

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I already bookmarked the page. I know this could help sooner or later. I also shared this link to my friend who has the same situation.