Hospital Visit

Thank God I have several task everyday. But I am really tired and sleepless already. I have even no more time to hop and visit back my visitors and friends. I also my visit my father in law in the hospital. My son told me is in the ICU because he had a heart attack again. I rushed to hospital to see him. He is the only person in my husband's side who treated me fairly. He really consider me as one of his biological daughter. So I should have to visit him. I am also worried about his condition. I prayed for his full recovery. I hope he will get well soon. He is a good father of his children and good father in-law. Well I saw my sister in law and my mother in law. they told me good I came to show up to "tatay". " Get well Soon Tatay! We love you.


kamotenista said...

hope ok lang po siya Nanay...

god bless po.