Night Trip

I've just arrived from province. I planned before that supposedly today but I changed my mind. It was just instantly decided to go home at that moment with my son Joshua. We able to take the travel by bus on night trips. Fortunately we able to take a deluxe bus and it took us 6 hours to reached our home province comfortably and no hassles. Thanks God , It was a nice visit although it was just only 3 days and 2 nights. I was able to visit my relatives and my parents tomb in the cemetery.
We should return back to Manila .Buses last night was quite full of passengers . It took us two hours to wait until we able to take a seat. Unfortunately the bus stopped. It took 0ne hour to repair along the highway at the middle of the night. It's good one of their bus passed by via for Cubao with only two vacant seat, so it was given to us priority because we don't have too much baggage. We have only hand carry each and one traveling bag. With God blessing, we able to reached back home safely .

Me and my son Joshua

Inside the bus

Repairing the bus along the highway in the middle of the night


RJ said...

Wow! Sa lahat ng mga posts nyo na nabasa ko na, dito talaga ako napangiti ng husto! Nakita ko na talaga ang mukha nyo.

Ang galing ng imagination ko! Kamukhang-kamukha nyo po talaga ang naiisip kong mukha nyo!

Swerte kayo, naibigay sa inyo ang vacant seats na yon. Pag sinuswerte ka nga talaga.

Borneo Falcon said...

The bus interior look nice and spacious. Too bad it broke down between the journey

Anonymous said...

Mas maganda pang ganyan,Nay, yung pupunta ka a week after all soul's day. grabe ang traffic pagsumabay pa eh...

Lawstude said...

another bonding moment. have a nice day nay.

mb said...

nakaka miss umuwi ng provice nanay... ang sweet nyong mag nanay at may bonding moments pa rin kayong dalawa

kamotenista said...

hi nanay,bonding moment with joshua...kumusta na po siya?

Tey said...

is it cold there, I noticed you're wearing sweatshirt. You look nice nanayBelen and your son is not a baby anymore.
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Raft3r said...

sarap naman ng bakasyon nyo
well deserved break, ika nga
happy weekend, nay!

cybercesz said...

hello nay...musta po, buti na lang naging okey ulit yung bus na sinasakyan nyo...ang hirap siguro ma stock sa daan nang ganoong oras noh.

Bundles said...

Hay naku..I really hate it when the bus breaks down during the trip. Nangyari din sa amin ng husband ko yan last year sa Batangas.


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PinayMom said...

Hello Nanay Belen musta na po? I have a tag for u hope you can grab it.


thanks po :)

Nyl said...

nay, younger-looking pala kayo kala ko magkapatid?hehe!

i miss travelling..

Roland said...

ang cool ni nanay belen sa pichur!!! ...parang magkapatid lang kayo ni joshua... wb back to manila!