Water Fountain

Now a days indoor water fountains are now installed to every modern houses. Homeowners installed a stylist fountain which is perfectly fit to the design of their new house and makes the house more beautiful and comfortable to live. A gorgeous house is not complete if there is no indoor water fountain. In some other nationality, they used to install indoor water fountain not to beautify only the house but also for lucky charm purposes. So those in the lower class level tend to follow the same belief to ease their hardship in life.

Sound of of running water is something that contributes to calm stressed minds . Whatever the case may be, there are more different effects of beautiful fountain to every individual. When i was working in the hospital, one rich man does not want to stay in the hospital for treatment, he insisted to go home because he feels better to stay in their house. He proudly said that he has a beautiful wall fountain that heals him psychologically. We sent him home by the ambulance. Yes. I really agree with him, the terrace with beautiful wall fountain was installed in a perfect position. The water fountains adds a natural environment that can makes you physically and emotionally feels good. Besides, it does not only heals you but having a house with beautiful fountain is a pride because of your hard works and patience, you now enjoying a comfortable life.


RJ said...

Yes, agree ako sa therapy na nakukuha sa tubig. Hahaha! Kaya ang blog ko sa Friendster pinangalanan ko ng 'Silent Water.'