I've been worried since last week when the news about the downfall of America's economy. I have two fully paid educational policy for my kids in Phil American Life Insurance Company. I paid that for seven years. We started receiving the educational benefit last year and have still more 3 years for my daughter and 4 years for my son to received the educational benefits from Phil Am Life. There was a news that AIG a subsidiary credit card company of Phil Am is also affected . Their asset is deposited in that shrank international bank. But they assured to us that we will always receive the benefits in due scheduled payments. Hopefully.
Mrs Monsod , economist said in her interview that Philippines have a stable economy than in America. I am glad. Philippines is still blessed despite of rampant corruption.


Maricel said...

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Nyl said...

it's time that we pray not only for our country but for the whole world.

Cielo said...

I hope that we would be able to recuperate from the economic loses that is besetting our country, likewise with wall st, since their loss is directly affecting the economy of the world

Roland said...

nay, nakaka-praning nman ang balitang yan... isinaayos ang lahat tapos sa huli, magkakaroon ng problema... sana maging maisaayo ang lahat para walang pangarap ang masira.

amiable amy said...

this is really a serious problem the US is facing right now...plus, Presidential election is coming next month...i am not directly affected but, i felt the tension...it is really really bad! WAMU Bank bailed out by Chase...and so fort...just hoping that your educational asset is safe...in my point of view, those insurance are safe and protected by law and your children can still enjoy it.

Tey said...

a lot of scam going on in educational plans in the Philippines. I wasn't able to get my niece educ plan and I feel so frustrated about that
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Umma said...

Hello Nanay Belen, visiting u here again. Hope to see you back :)

Lawstude said...

although the government is hesitant in admitting it, large portion of our economy is still largely dependent on US and the recession in there ceratinly is harming us also.

by the way nay, nasa blog ko po yung payo ko tungkol sa kapitbahay nyo. hope makatulong ako.


Tey said...

nanaybelen , just visitin you here again. Have a great day to you
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