Time of reflecting

Although God knows your every need
His works he wants to share;
He take us into partnership
By calling us to prayer. --D. De Haan

*****God has graciously chosen to give us the privilege of being His partners in both the physical and spiritual areas of life. Through prayer we work with him and defeating the powers of evil and in bringing about the fulfillment of his loving purposes in the world - Herb Vander Lags *****

The Master needs what you have to offer,
No matter if you think it's small
His works on earth is done through his children.
So give him your best, give your all. - Hess

Look not back to yesterday,
So full of failure and regret;
Look ahead and seek God's way-
Sins confessed you must forget -D De Haan

When you see someone in need.
Love demands in loving deed;
Don't just say you love him true.
Prove it by the deeds you do- sper