Time Flies So Fast

This is the clock that accompanied me to fulfill in my daily household chores. Once I get up from bed, I used to look at it to start my day. It guided me the right time to do my routines to finished everything orderly. When I was working ,I bought an alarm clock which is slightly modern one and the same with my co-staffs.
One day, I moved to a our new house with my baby from my in- laws and since it was my first time to be alone to managed a house and my one month infant and one year old baby. I got confused and other things not done on time. So , I was thinking I have to get a maid, but really I am not used to have a maid. I remember my mother, she always had her alarm clock to make her daily routines on time. So I bought one the same like her clock not only as just an alarm clock but it always reminds me how much my mother loves and cares me before. Time flies so fast.


Roland said...

onga nay... ang bilis ng panahon... parang kailan lang... i now have my own family.

the donG said...

buti na lang talaga may nag imbento nito. laking tulong ang may orasan or relo.

Anonymous said...

hindi ka ba nay napepressure pag merong alarm clock?