SONA is over, I think let's just relax and forget about it because we can not do anything anymore.
Just yesterday, the headline was nice about PROFESSOR MENANDRO ACDA . He is from University of the Philippines who created a new composite building board made of chicken feathers that could be a major breakthrough for the construction industry in Asia . The new materials would be resistant to the region's armies of termites, and could also solve a major environment problem of the Philippines by providing a way to dispose of millions of kilos of waste feathers each year
This is not also flammable or combustible as conventional cement and wood- fiver composite boards and could be used for paneling, ceilings and as insulation but not for weight bearing building components like walls or pillars. That according to Acda has still more researched to be done. But at least It is already very useful and for sure it is cheaper and affordable. I am glad that another Filipino scientist created one again.


just married said...

nanay belen may tanong lng po ako.. panu po magkaron ng list ng blog roll?.. i mean ng mga friends..

Nanaybelen said...
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Lawstude said...

kudos to pinoy ingenuity.

sona ni gloria? very uneventful. promises again.

no one said...

a salute to professor Acda.
another great asset of the Philippines.

the donG said...

these are inventions worth investing! using what seems to be useless is really important.

Lalaine said...

nanay! namiss ko kayo! napanuod ko to sa TV... galing nga eh... bawas pa sa mga basura..

sana lang suportahan ng gobyerno natin yung mga ganyang makakatulong sa bansa.