I did not expect that Lawstude chosen me as one of the recipient of this award. He is a blogger who is a lawyer, CPA. In his blog he posted photographs that he himself took the photos from different places of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Philippines and other country of asia like Thailand. He writes very well and take good photos same as those professional photographers. Thank you so much Lawstude. You are such a wonderful friend.

This is how he gave the award to us .....

The Blogger Award for Amazing Friendship is a unique award because the feature of this award is to develop friendship. This award is for bloggers who give joy in our everyday life either thru their beautiful posts or comments they made on your blog. Is there someone who has visited frequently and writes a comment on your work, if so you can give them an award. Take a look through each one and enjoy their sites. I am giving this award to:

1. Acey's Tralala - a talented young lady
2. Alice - she will keep you amazed not only about Singapore but on her views and experiences as well.
3. Belen - i love her, reading her blog is like reading your mom's thoughts.
4. Doc Rio - not just a diary of a dentist but of a sweet lady looking for true love.
5. Shionge - a personal blog full of lovely posts, stories and pics.


no one said...

wow! nanay belen! another award?

may you have more awards to come..

Nyl said...

congrats po nanay!you deserve the award.

ingat and God bless!

swar said...

Its great. Congratulations !!!

Rio said...

ang bait po ni lawstude noh??? hehehe
may award po tau....
congrats po nay=)

ghee said...

wow Belen!congrats!ang dami mo nang awards ha? ;)

keep blogging!