They Prayed before they start to Work

I went to Banko de Oro this morning and arrived there 15 minutes before their usual opening 9:00 am. I'm the 2nd client who arrived before the opening.While waiting for the guard to open the entrance door, I stood up near the door and the door is out of glass, so it is very visible inside the bank. I could see the staff one by one in a hurry fixing themselves. Exactly 7 minutes before opening, the guards secured the door and in a hurry get inside the bank. I noticed all the tellers and other bank staff including the janitors and guards grouped together and bowed their heads. Ohhh... they were praying. I am really touched staring at them, concentratedly praying.
Many things came to my mind, When I'm looking at them while praying:
Filipinos are really prayerful.
They need to pray because of rampant bank robbery.
I got envy at them because when I was working for so many years I never experienced, praying together with my co- employee before we start the job. I only prayed by myself alone. I'm very sure ganon din yung mga katrabaho ko noon, pray din sila ng sarili nila.
After staring at them with a touchy heart, nag-pray na rin ako.

****GOD really love us inspite of this ruining world, HE is always there carrying us because we don't forget HIM. We always pray to Him and believes in Him."


the donG said...

that's good news! i hope all the other banks and offices will do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

that is good to know :D nakakakampante.

Mahalia said...

That is wonderful! In a world where godlessnes is more popular than Christianity, it is rare to find people and leaders who are willing to depend on God for safety and protection. Dahil walang magaling na sanggalang sa masamang gawain kundi ang hipuin ng Diyos ang puso ng gagawa ng masama. Salamat Nanay sa magandang balita.

Anonymous said...

that's very nice. at least kahit papano naaalala ang Diyos even at the start of the day.

don't worry nay kung mag isa ka lang dati nagpepray. dun sa pinagtrabahuan ko dati, sabay nga kami nagpepray... may praise and worship nga pero after naman nun balik sa masasasamang ugali. para bang ginawang routine yung pagpray na wala namang kaseryosohan. after praying balik pagtsitismis ng kasamahan.

Belen said...

Dong;;; sana... kaya lang,Banco de Oro kalentong lang ang nakita ko e. Mabuti pa nga sa elementary school nagpre-pray sila before they start the class


Mahalia;;; sige. thank you din sa comment.

ifoundme;;;;ang galing mo talaga. nangyayari nga yan.Kaya dito ako belib kay God, kasi alam nya na pasaway tayo, pero binibigay pa rin ang hinihiling natin sa kanya. twing nagpre-pray tayo.

Raft3r said...

Prayers help. Big time.
My mom taught me that.

Btw, I linked your blog.
Lemme know once you added mine to your blog roll.

Salamat, Nanay Belen! Ingat

Points of View said...

very moving...reminds me of my student who is a special child. we used to pray before we started our class session. later on, he learns to pray by himself.

prayer is the most powerful tool of all.

have a great time nay!

Rog & Jemi said...

PTL ! There is no better way to start the day than praying to the God. Such an encouragement !!!

Rose said...

Yup ate..i think all the banks in PI did that. During my on-the-job training at Equitable_PCI bank..we pray b4 we open the bank for the clients.

manilenya said...

I hope lahat ng bank ganyan na o lahat ng offices diba?

nanay belen okay na po ang nanay ko, kumuha sya ng second opinion sa PGH, niraspa lang po sya saka may pinainom sa kanya for a year yung doktor nya tapos nagmenopause after nun :p

Lawstude said...

that's great practice kasi prayers really comforts us. ganyan din kami sa office, we observe the 3 o'clock habit.

Jenn said...

Wow, that is so great!

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kingdaddyrich said...

proof that we are a catholic country

my-so-called-Quest said...

they can take everything away from us but not our faith...

ingats po Nay=]

marie said...

Oh I was touched:) Did you remember the guards's agency plate? Di ba RADAR?

marie said...

Ay Kalentong pala, it's not RADAR servicing them.

Ely said...

Good way to start the work day... have a blessed weekend!

Belen said...

raf3r;;; yan ang mom. taught her kids at early age.

points of view;;;; nice to hear, kahit special child learned how to pray

rog & jemi;;; yap.

rose;;; ganon na nga siguro lahat ang bangko. glad to hear that

manelenya;;; mabuti naman ay ayos na si mother.

DhoyM said...

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