I am so happy that I able to post the tag offered to me by Vicy. I did it alone by myself. Thank you Vicy!. Actually, several tags offered to me already but I was not able to post it. I just ignored them pretending that I have not read their message to tag me. Honestly , I don't know how. Viewing the tag from other blog, it seems to me that it is complicated and very very hard to do it. I feel confused and I was wishing that no one will ever to tag me. My kids tried to teach me several times until they are feed up because they were expecting me to pick-up at once. My first tag posted, was my son who posted it for me to learn. I got even a word from them. "Ang dali- dali yan mama, ba't di mo pa mapick-up agad." I get offended really. It seems that I am already the daughter and they are my parents. If I recall back when they were nursery, prep and elementary, I was their tutor at home for their assignments, projects and reviews for their examinations, but because I was all alone busy for household chores and my sari-sari store which was quite busy that time, so I tend to get angry and shout sometimes if they could not pick up the lesson. My blood pressure shot up and tell them " Ang dali- dali naman yan, hindi mo pa maintindihan ...! yan....! ganyan...! isulat mo...! basahin mo....!. That was usually my dialogue to them before. I don't think, that it is now a "karma" to me, because it resulted academically good for them.
Now I know already how to post a tag. My friends are all now welcome. You can tag me now as much as you want. I really enjoy blogging now . I really thanks those bloggers who 's very patient visiting, viewing and commenting my site . You know who you are. Thank you thank you talaga. Marami kayo . di ko na i-mention baka may makalimutan pa ako. Basta kayong lahat. Blogging to me now, livens up my life again! I am still stored in my house with my daily routines but I feel that I am personally exposed again to the world. Long time back, I was adventurous. Curious to everything and crazily reached with all my best and might until I can.


nyl said...

you are the coolest nanay that i've known in blogworld.

life really goes round in circus. nuon ikaw ang titser but when you get a bit older, kaw naman ang student. katulad din yan ng mga uso.. paikot-ikot lang. but what i like about you is that you go with the new blood esp. in blogging. two thumbs up ako sa'yo nay!;)

Jenn said...

Ako sa totoo lang hirap akong magpost ng tag na may links kasi wala naman akong papasahan, ibing sabihin walang maglilink sa akin. hehehehe.

Pero pag q&a tags, giinagawa ko.

Jenn Was Here
Memories by Jenn
Shutter Happenings
Le Kulitszie Familie

the donG said...

hahaha... ramdam na ramdam ko yung kwento mo kasi ganun din ako sa nanay ko. pero ngayon marunong na rin syang mag email pero hindi pa sa blog.

congratulations nanay belen!

Ely said...

ganyan din pow ako nung una. Di ko nga alam kung ano ibig sabihin ng mga tag-tag na yan eh. hehehe

Raft3r said...

ako nga di ko pinapatulan yun mga tags sakin, e

Lawstude said...

i adore you nanay belen. you never cease to stop learning. my mom doesn't like computers and do not attempt to open one. hindi na raw nya panahaon yan.

i know it is difficult to learn the more technical side of blogging but nandito lang po kami kung may gusto kayo itanong at matutunan. this is on big blogging happy family after all.

krisel said...

ganun din ako nung una hindi ko alam kung pano gawin yong mga tag sa akin kaya hindi ko nagagawa, minsan naman tinatamad kasi ang daming ittype..

Belen said...

nyl--hehehe. ganon ba. thanks ha. iinip na kasi ako dito sa bahay. ay enjoy na enjoy ako sa pagbabablog

jenn;;; hindi naman siguro. hayan mo. tag kita pag meron ako ulit

dong;; turoan mo na si mother

ely;;; masaya kung may tag ano?

raft3r---patulan mo na. masaya

lawstude;;;;oo nga. ang dami daming pinipindot. mainit ang ulo ng mga anak ko pag paulit-ulit akong magtanong. Salamat sa suporta nyo sa akin mula pa 'nong nag-umpisa ako.

krizel;;; ganyan nga ang tingen ko noon natatamad ako lalo na't pindot-pindot lang isa-isang litra ang pagta-type ko, pero tinuroan ako ng anak ko sa pag-copy at pag-paste.

Iago's Mom said...

hello there..

arnie said...

wow! galing mong nanay!:D

manilenya said...

hehehehe natutuwa naman ako dito sa post mo ...para kang nanay ko :) dati rin dami ko gusto ituro sa nanay ko kaya lang sya ang ayaw e

ailecgee said...

Can't help but laugh while i read your blog. I have gone through exactly the same experience kasi eh. My two kids are now adults and they were the ones,(along with their father)who introduced me to this techy world. Dati I'm not interested, but after learning, huh!, super enjoy! hooked na nga ako, eh.
So, appear tayo! We're on the same boat.
Btw, I'm gonna link you. Hope you'll do the same. Thanks!